The Elixir’s Spring 2015 Publication Party

Join us as we celebrate the 2015 issue of The Elixir! Friday, April 24 @ 5:00 pm STC 237 ~ Bring friends!  


During your summer vacation is the perfect time for your creative juices to flow. Get the pen out, the word processor, whatever medium you like and get to it. This is a proclamation from Elixir … Read More

Upcoming 50th Year Anniversary

The Elixir will be 50 years old in 2013. To celebrate we’ll be inviting back alumni, publishing work from past and present issues, commemorating important events within the last 50 years. Don’t forget to come … Read More

The Elixir Logo Contest

The Elixir is searching for a logo! The logo should represent what you think The Elixir represents. Submissions are being accepted until we find a logo we love! Send submissions (with your proposal for why the … Read More

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Consumption, Garrett Robak

Consumption Garrett Robak I don’t know if I was ever as nervous or scared as my first day of work.  The walk from the parking lot into the building felt like it was a mile … Read More

Planets, Phillip White

Phillip White Planets A and B are in the backseat of a haze filled car. B is drawing on the dew on the windows. B: Look at this, this is us, that dot. We know … Read More

Something Borrowed, Tara Durkin

Tara Durkin Something Borrowed (fiction) It was here, the day we had planned six months ago. For the first time in years, I prayed to God, thanking him for this bright, pleasantly warm, mildly breezy … Read More

Warren Hope

Haiku After Reading Shelley’s “Ozymandias” Think of the sculptor— Sweating and grunting to get The curled lip just right.