Consumption, Garrett Robak

Consumption Garrett Robak I don’t know if I was ever as nervous or scared as my first day of work.  The walk from the parking lot into the building felt like it was a mile long.  A long sidewalk with little sculptures and water features made by local artists along the concrete walkway with little stakes in the ground with peoples’ names next to them on them “dedicated to Mr. so and so”, basically people who had donated money to build this monstrosity that they called a hospital, but which looked more like the Four Seasons.  I remember thinking to myself “Do people really have that much extra money lying around to donate to a hospital just so they get their name on a tiny … Read More

Planets, Phillip White

Phillip White Planets A and B are in the backseat of a haze filled car. B is drawing on the dew on the windows. B: Look at this, this is us, that dot. We know the Universe right here… Now all of a sudden, we know of a new planet within our neighborhood. A: Don’t draw on the window, man. B: I’ll wipe it off. And then all of a sudden we know this much. And then all of a sudden there is fucking another planet right there and we figure it out. A: Well it’s really far away though. B: And there is another fucking a random one over (pointing towards the window)—over there is the center, and there is another planet. You have … Read More

Something Borrowed, Tara Durkin

Tara Durkin Something Borrowed (fiction) It was here, the day we had planned six months ago. For the first time in years, I prayed to God, thanking him for this bright, pleasantly warm, mildly breezy Friday afternoon that could not have been more perfect. I’m not very religious, but I figure that if I’m about to get married in a church, I might as well try to make amends with the Divine Being. I stood in front of the full length mirror found in the hotel room. As my hair was being pulled in various directions, I gave myself a quick up-and-down. I was wearing my mother’s wedding dress. It was my something old. As we had both happily agreed, the ivory satin played better … Read More

Warren Hope

Haiku After Reading Shelley’s “Ozymandias” Think of the sculptor— Sweating and grunting to get The curled lip just right.