Sakiya Gallon, Harlem Shadows

The orange glow from the sun peers through my charcoal curtains as I wrap my tired body in my satin sheets and pull myself out of bed. My body tingles as my bare feet touch the coldness of the hardwood floor. I knew the night would be cold, but I always sacrifice my warmth for the sound of the blues coming from that juke joint on the corner. My ears absorb the sound of the blues, it a symphony that my heart recounts night after night. There’s just something about that music. The days are much less enjoyable than the nights.  It’s like once the sun sets, all of the problems of the day are gone. Though the sun is gone, the light remains. Greensboro … Read More

Sherin Abu, Bedlam at Bollinger’s Books and Things

Emily walked into the bookshop absently stroking the spiked edges of her leather cuff bracelet. Small chimes rung together as the door opened and closed. On par with London weather in September, it was a rainy night, and as usual on any rainy night, the shop was empty. Small grey cobwebs hung lazily from the top corners, layered with a smattering of dust. She glanced idly at the bookshelves on the walls like tall sentinels reporting for duty. They were haphazardly stacked high with old and new novels, catalogued only by the dark green signs that hung above them. Taking a small withered book that lay open on the couch adjacent to the wall and the store window, Emily went to one of the small … Read More

Interview with Warren Hope

Interview conducted by: Rita St. Clair Warren Hope started out like any one of us.  Going from Central High School in Philadelphia, he then served in the US Air Force.  After serving in the Air Force, he attended Community College of Philadelphia, eventually getting his Doctorate degree at Temple University.  Any one of us has the ability to become successful just like Warren Hope has done. Along with his newly published book, First Light: & Other Poems, he has published books on Robert Frost and George Orwell. Students know him as a generous and inspiring teacher – see Brian Koronkiewicz’s poem in this issue of The Elixir.   Rita St.Clair:  What is your earliest memory of writing? Warren Hope:  My earliest memory of writing dates … Read More

THE TOWER OF BOPHA- Playwriting Sample

  THE TOWER OF BOPHA PARTLY CLOUDLY WITH A CHANCE OF CHAOS *Tower of Bopha was produced at University of the Sciences on April 13, 2014 in Alumni Hall. BY: VINCENT BRINAS   TOWER OF BOPHA This play is about the aftermath of Typhoon Bopha in Southern Philippines and focuses on the lives of three different people in and around Mindanao. This is in a fictitious absurdist version of the Philippines.   DANCERS WATER DANCE (BINASUAN; BOTH)- ANDREA, TED, DOMINIQUE, TINIKLING (BOTH) – CHOREOGRAPHER: JOHN PETIPIT: JOHN, KEVIN, ANDREA, ANGELICA, ERIK, PAUL, TED, MAYBE ALICE COCONUT DANCE (MEN ONLY) – CHOREOGRAPHER: ANGELICA RAMOS, JOHN, PAUL, ERIK, KEVIN, JOHN MARK, LYLE, TED, JARWIN WOWOWEE DANCES (BOTH)- NATASHA, KIM, KRISTIE, HEATHER, ANDREA   CHARACTERS (MAIN, MAJOR, MINOR): … Read More