Planets, Phillip White

Phillip White


A and B are in the backseat of a haze filled car. B is drawing on the dew on the windows.
B: Look at this, this is us, that dot. We know the Universe right here… Now all of a sudden, we know of a new planet within our neighborhood.

A: Don’t draw on the window, man.

B: I’ll wipe it off. And then all of a sudden we know this much. And then all of a sudden there is fucking another planet right there and we figure it out.

A: Well it’s really far away though.

B: And there is another fucking a random one over (pointing towards the window)—over there is the center, and there is another planet. You have this whole fucking thing mapped out already. And there is so much more around it.

A: Yeah, but—

B: —and over there are whole nebulas, and millions and billions of galaxies over there.

A: Yeah, yeah.

B: I see it in my mind, it’s ridiculous. Like we know all of this, and this is what we know. And all of a sudden—

A: Alright, okay, but what’s the issue here?

B: The issue is—

A: Can you state it in—

B: The issue is—look. We’re this little dot. I drew, it orbits around the sun, and the already existing planets. And then somewhere, there is X the fucking ninth planet.

A: Like a new one.

B: Yes! Where could a new one be?

A: Where does the ninth planet run in relation to the existing ones?

B: I know, and we have this all mapped out already and it all of a sudden disappears if we have a new one. We’re focusing out so much and we don’t even know what is here. It’s just like you find tumors from somewhere within your body.

A: Probably, so.

B: Oh my god, you don’t understand.

A: So, you don’t think it’s there?

B: Okay, look. This is us ok?

A: I believe you, we are this dot. I get the graph. I understand that.

B: Here’s all the planets orbiting. This is what we know already. And what was there, nothing. And this is what we are trying to aim at. You see that. That’s the sun, those are the planets. And the new planet is where? It’s like you found a tumor in a perfect body.


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